Hok Mountain Package (Updated 2016 Skis)

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3 Pin Binding (75 mm) - includes Heel Kit

75mm binding (3 pin) with custom heel pieces and screws. The bindings are made by Voile and customize with our logo. We also include all machine screws (M6) needed to attach the binding and the heel pieces. The heel piece is design for the Hok, and can rotate between 3 inserts to fit any size 75mm (3 pin) boot.

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We cut a number of poles this summer and fall, and have been seasoning them since. They are then hand peeled, trimmed, sculpted, and branded (literally). We then finish them with a light linseed oil and a strap at the top. They are very strong and handy to have on any winter adventure in the woods or mountains.  We will offer a 1 year warrantee on them, and look forward to getting people to try this ancient but incredibly functional and intuitive style of skiing.


Hok with 3 pin

Choosing Hok with no binding/inserts only gets you the 3pin in this package


Scarpa T4 Boots 2015 – optional

Scarpa introduced the T4 a few years ago and it caught our attention immediately  for its light weight and tour friendly design. I bought a pair for my girlfriend Lisa, and she loved the fit and feel right out of the box. I had a chance to test them last year as well, and found them light (for an all plastic boot) and comfortable to ski and tour in. Downhill control with the 145 Hoks was more then enough and in testing the T4 with our new ski, the Kōm, it seemed a near perfect fit. Francois and I went back and forth on the pros and cons of carrying boots (lots of sizes...)and decided it was such a good match for the Kōm, as well as for the more adventurous Hok users, we would go for it.



We have put the Hok Mountain Package together based on our rather unexpected use (and pleasure) of the Hok for more mountain and downhill skiing.  This peaked  on a backcountry hut trip in British  Columbia where a bunch of us went out the last day with Hoks and about 16 inches of new cold snow.  There was a lot of shorter terrain near the lodge that we were limited to because of time, so the Hoks made sense as the turnaround was so quick. We all used Tiaks, the single poles used by skiers in the Altai mountains and used by all skiers (yes, all) before the 20th century. The Tiaks give the rather short Hoks excellent fore/aft stability, something short skis generally lack. Turning and skiing    was effortless and SO MUCH FUN…..


So here is our mountain package. It’s not exclusive to the
mountains – I use this setup for general use – but it has proven the best for aggressive skiers and  learning skiers alike in a world that has some downhill mixed in or is full on downhill focused.

P1260040-Edit        P1260160

What the Package includes:

– The Hok ski, either 125cm or 145cm – updated to the new 2016 versions.

– Our HD 3pin binding with all screws and custom heel pieces (no drill mounting)

– A Tiak (single pole) either Medium or Large

Normal price for this combination  would be $332.85 (with Tiak shipping cost), Package price is $299.00

– The option of the Scarpa T4 boot, our favorite lightweight all plastic shell and removable liner.

Normal price with the boot would be $631.60, Package price (with the boot on sale) is $569.00

All prices includes shipping –  we waive the normal $8 dollar oversized box charge for the Tiaks in this package.


select the  “no binding/Insert only”  option on the binding option and this will get you the 3 pin binding




New 145 Hok with 3 pin

New 145 Hok with 3 pin



Scarpa T4

10.14B Tiak sq

10.14B AS-3p sq

Additional information



Medium, Large

Hok with 3 pin


125cm, 145cm


No Binding/Insert Only

Scarpa T4 Boots 2015

Size (Mondo)

23, 23.5, 24, 24.5, 25, 25.5, 26, 26.5, 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, 29, 29.5, 30, 30.5, 31, 31.5, 32.0


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