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  • SVST Power Paste

  • Alpina Alaska 75mm (3 pin) boots

  • Alpina Montana 75mm (3 pin) boots

  • Scott Excursion Boots


    I first got a pair of Excursions when they came out about 15 years ago. They were one of the first light 2 buckle tele boots with a strong touring emphasis, and remain so today. Garmont has since sold their ski boot division to Scott, so what was formerly the Garmont Excursion is now the Scott Excursion. They have wisely kept the boot close to the original, with some minor changes in style, buckles and the tongue, which is stiffer then the original. This improves the overall flex of the boot, particularly in the toe bellows. Weight of the Excursion compared to the Scarpa T4 is quite close with the Excursion being a few ounces lighter (depending on size). The Excursions are a bit higher volume fit as well. The Scott boot shells change on the 1/2 size so 28 – 28.5  are the same shell size. Scarpas break on the whole size, so a 28.5 and a 29 would be the same shell size. Both the T4s and the Excursions are ideal for more aggressive bc touring and skiing, ideal for the Koms and for the more aggressive Hoks skiers that are cropping up these days.

  • Scarpa T4 Boots


    Scarpa introduced the T4 a few years ago and it caught our attention immediately  for its light weight and tour friendly design. I bought a pair for my girlfriend Lisa, and she loved the fit and feel right out of the box. I had a chance to test them last year as well, and found them light (for an all plastic boot) and comfortable to ski and tour in. Downhill control with the 145 Hoks was more then enough and in testing the T4 with our new ski, the Kōm, it seemed a near perfect fit. Francois and I went back and forth on the pros and cons of carrying boots (lots of sizes…)and decided it was such a good match for the Kōm, as well as for the more adventurous Hok users, we would go for it.