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The most critical time for needing wax is in transitional snow, when snow is going from cold to warm. This generally occurs with new (cold snow) as it gets to and just above freezing. This can be when the ambient (air) temperature warms  or in the spring when one skis from a north aspect where the snow is cold to a south aspect where the sun has warmed the snow. The snow will stick and clump on the skin and base of the ski (also on fishscale skis like the Kom). When snow has been warm for a few hours the snow crystals round out a bit and the problem will disappear.

We much prefer a rub on paste wax, and this is one we have been using for a few years. This paste wax comes in a round plastic container – very convenient for just putting in a pocket when you go out. We have tested it for a few years now with really good results. It comes with a dense foam applicator inside the plastic puck.

We use this one wax for both the black (Ptex) part of the base as well as the skin material. Only a small amount is needed, just dab a bit on the Ptex and rub it in. It will turn the Ptex darker black with no residue left. In the skin material just dab/smear bits on the skin and rub in sideway until it mostly disappears. It needs a few minutes to dry and you are good to go.

We also recommend using a plastic scraper(always tip to tail) to first clear away any snow or ice on the base and skin- make sure you do the edges as well.