Alpina Alaska 75mm (3 pin) boots



I got a pair of these in 2018 and did quite a bit of skiing (testing 🙂 with them through the winter. They were an  excellent match for the Hoks! I skied them in a lot of mountain conditions as well as more rolling terrain, and found they controlled the ski well and were exceptional for touring. The Alaskas have an easy flex, and were very comfortable for me right out of the box. They were quite warm as well. In the mountains I often use a light plastic boot, lately the Scott Excursion but I also have (and like) the Scarpa T4. In comparison I would say they are clearly superior for touring, lighter and a much easier flex. On downhills they worked well on all but the really hard snow (windblown or icy). I could get by with them but the plastic boots were definitely superior for edging in really hard snow conditions.

The fit on these seems to run about 1/2 size big. I am generally a size 11 US mens and I got a size 45, a bit big but very comfy for touring.They have a lo tof insulation in them so they do loosen a bit in the width over time – not in length.

Boot sizing Chart

These boots with our standard 3 pin are a really big step up in performance compared to the universal binding. The system is much lighter, tours far better, and has a lot more control. If you are primarily mountain skiing with the Hoks and looking for the best possible downhill performance in all conditions (particularly hard snows)I would recommend a light plastic boot, like the Scott Excursion or Scarpa T4. All other users will find the Alpina Alaska boot an excellent match for the Hoks.

Have fun out there!


Touring in the Kettle Range


The Home Hills






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