Adapter Plates (Sold In Pairs) – now 2 Versions


The  original Adapter Plate lets you mount Rottefella NNN BC(Magnum) bindings on the Hoks without drilling the skis.  The adapter plates come with the  screws for mounting the plate to the Hoks. Manufacturer supplied binding screws mount the binding to the plate.

The original version can also be used for other bindings like the Berwins and Solomon XAdventure

For the New Version (Version 2) we added some hole patterns for the new Xplore binding from Rottefella and some 4 hole tele bindings from Voile. It will still adapt the NNN BC bindings and some other 3 hole bindings.


General info

As with the Original – you can leave out the center screw on the rear 3 holes (running parallel) when mounting the adapter plate to the Hoks.

Make sure you use the provided thread locker for the machine screws that go into the Hok (size is m6 x 20mm). The thread locker goes on the screws and then needs to dry for about 10 minutes (directions no the package).

The new adapter plate (version 2) has a center grove for screwing in the heel piece on the NNN BC or other bindings. Choose where to locate

The New Version Adapter Plate

The new version (2023) has been developed to incorporate some additional bindings, particularly the new Xplore binding by Rottefella. This adapter plate will also fit the  Voile 34 hole pattern as well as some older 4 hole tele bindings. The plate also still fits the NNN BC .


The Original Adapter Plate

new adapter plate

The Original Adapter Plate lets you mount Salomon SNS BC  (X Adventure)and Rottefella NNN BC (Magnum) bindings on the Hoks without drilling the skis.  Both the SNS BC and the NNN BC have a wider and beefier bar system that is quite sturdy. The boots and bindings in the BC systems are more supportive then the standard SNS and NNN bindings used for track skiing, which we do not recommend for the Hoks. The adapter plates come with the necessary screws for mounting the plate to the Hoks, and the screws that come with the particular binding can be used go into the adapter plate. We also supply a small pillow pack of thread locker that should be used on the screws that we supply that go from adapter plate to Hok.

We have opened a mold this year (2015) for the adapter plates. Previously we cut them on a CNC machine. The advantages to a mold are weight and design. The new plate, even with the wider foot support area, is 15% lighter then the old plate. Additionally, we widened the under foot platform so the boot will not roll off the sides of the plate. Other additions are some new holes that will fit traditional 3 pin bindings as well as the Berwin binding.

Last but not least, the center section of the adapter plate is designed to be cut out, leaving  a space that will fit a B and D Crampon , this allows for a removable pivoting crampon to be used with the Hoks in really hard or icy conditions.


gluns_160915_0085        gluns_160915_0083



New Adapter plate instructions





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