NEW ! Altai Skis all purpose Base Wax


This wax can be used on both the climbing skin and the (black) base of the ski. It also works great on the Kom skis. I can be used in the field after scraping off any snow or ice build up.


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We have found that one wax for both the base and the skin on the Hoks skis is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to deal with icing and clumping on the Hoks. To this end we have teamed up with a supplier in Finland to produce an all purpose base wax for the Hoks (and other skis and skins with icing problems). The new wax works on both the black base (Ptex) as well as the skin material and can be used easily in the field while out skiing, as many of us (me included) do not always prep our skis ahead of time.


Anytime snow goes from cold crystal snow to warming at or above freezing the snow becomes transitional. These sharp crystals become sticky as they warm and moisten.  Over time these crystals will round out and become more granular, losing their sticky nature and your need for wax. At the transition though, snow is very sticky and clumpy and ice can build up on your skins and bases. Spring is the worst time for this as going back and forth between cold crystal snow on north aspects to sunny above freezing south aspects can often cause icing. Ambient rises in temperature will do this as well – cold powder snow warming to freezing or above will cause icing. Fish scale skis can be prone to this as well, especially as they age.


The video above shows some basics on waxing. Start with scraping snow and any ice build up off the base and edges. The new wax applicator (not shown here) is great as you can use less wax and get a much more even spread on the skin. Rub the wax in tip to tail or sideways, let sit for a few minutes and you are good to go.

We also recommend using a plastic scraper(always tip to tail) to first clear away any snow or ice on the base, skin, and edges . If you bought skis from us in the last few years we have included a small credit card style scraper (plastic). These are super handy for scraping skis before waxing or before putting your skis way after a tour, and they fit in any pocket with ease.

We have  tried many waxes over the years and find this particular one works well and the container/applicator is really ideal for the Hok skis. The small containers are great – easy to carry and apply, and quick to get you back on your skis. One container should last you few seasons of regular skiing.

Some cautions:

 – Do not use metal scrapers as you can damage the base and skin.

– We do not recommend liquid or spray on waxes. They have a lot of solvents in them which can loosen the glue on the skins over time, particularly on the front seam of Ptex to skin. We also found the liquid waxes were less durable over time then the paste waxes.