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  • Hok Skis with No Binding

  • Hok Skis With Universal Pivot Bindings Package


    This is our Hok Universal Package, this is our most popular setup for the hoks.

    Normal Price for the hoks with the universal binding would be 414.90. Package price is 369.95.

  • Kōm Ski


    The Kōm is a ski we have been working on for a few years, and the idea of it goes back to the start of Altai Skis. It’s a dedicated backcountry ski without many of the usual compromises. The Kōm can be skied with a downhill focus and it rises to lighter XCD touring use with a fun, stable feel.

  • Kōm Ski Package with Scarpa T4 Boots


    We are offering a package for the Kōm ski. The package includes, the Kōm, the Altai Skis 3 pin cable binding, and the Scarpa T4 boot. Normal price for these three items is $962.85, and our package price is $865.95

  • Kōm Ski Package with Scott Excursion Boots


    We are offering a package for the Kōm ski. The package includes, the Kōm, the Altai Skis 3 pin cable binding, and the Scott Excursion boot. Normal price for these three items is $844.90, and our package price is $759.25.

  • Scott Excursion Boots


    I first got a pair of Excursions when they came out about 15 years ago. They were one of the first light 2 buckle tele boots with a strong touring emphasis, and remain so today. Garmont has since sold their ski boot division to Scott, so what was formerly the Garmont Excursion is now the Scott Excursion. They have wisely kept the boot close to the original, with some minor changes in style, buckles and the tongue, which is stiffer then the original. This improves the overall flex of the boot, particularly in the toe bellows. Weight of the Excursion compared to the Scarpa T4 is quite close with the Excursion being a few ounces lighter (depending on size). The Excursions are a bit higher volume fit as well. The Scott boot shells change on the 1/2 size so 28 – 28.5  are the same shell size. Scarpas break on the whole size, so a 28.5 and a 29 would be the same shell size. Both the T4s and the Excursions are ideal for more aggressive bc touring and skiing, ideal for the Koms and for the more aggressive Hoks skiers that are cropping up these days.

  • 3 Pin Heel Piece Kit


    We are big fans of the 3 pin (75mm ) system. This boot binding combination is sturdy, offers great ski control, is light, and tours really well. They are also plentiful and inexpensive. If you have some classic old leather Asolos or Merrells (or Fabiano’s, Scarpas, Heierlings, Alicos…) and some 3 pins, Hoks are a great way to put them to use. This year we are offering a Heel Piece Kit. The kit includes the custom heel pieces, designed to use inserts in the ski for no drill mounting, and adjustable to fit any size 3 pin boot. Along with the heel pieces, all the machine screws for mounting your 3 pins are included, along with a packet of threadlocker to keep the screws from loosening in the inserts. Screw size is M6 (6 mm) and lengths are 16 mm for the heel pieces and 12 mm for the toe pieces. This is an inexpensive and effective way to get going on a pair of Hoks.

  • Climbing Wire for custom heel pieces


    These climbing wires fit with our custom no drill heel pieces that are used with the 3pin or 3pin cable bindings. Like the heel pieces, the wires are adjustable to fit all boot sizes. There are 3 slots in the base of the heel piece as well as the two positions (via the inserts) for the heel pieces on the Hok. The heel wire adds about 15mm in height.

  • 3 Pin Cable 75mm Binding


    I have been using the 3 pin cable since it came out in the 1980s. The binding is light, sturdy and reliable. One can tour with it in the free flexing 3pin mode (either unbuckle the cables or take them off),or lock in the cables for the more secure and powerful downhill mode. Add to this a double attachment for increased reliability in the backcountry and a weight of only 12 oz per ski and you have the ideal backcountry binding. We highly recommend this for the Kōm ski.

    If you plan to use the 3 pin cable on the Hoks please specify in the note section of your order and we will substitute the heel kit with the appropriate M6 screws for the inserts.