Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan – Timeless Skiers of the Altai


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A movie about the traditional skiers in the Altai Mountains of NW China. This encompasses my first three trips there from 2005 -2007. In part about the skiers and ski history there, it also looks at the rich traditional culture    of this region. Skiing here dates back thousands of years and small areas still retain the original skis and ski culture. Much of the inspiration for our skis and the style of skiing we promote is inspired by the skiers of Altai Mountains. Though Norway is arguably the birthplace of modern skiing, the Altai and surrounding region has a ski culture of skiing as it was originally conceived, as a tool for living and thriving in the snowbound landscape of a winter world.

 DVD Running time is 49 minutes 

 Price – $24.50



Eurasian Map with film location

Satellite View of Kanas Lake in Winter

Chana travel on Kanas Lake

Ayken, Nils, and Doné heading out of the Altai

Skiers in the Altai – ph. Dave Waag

Returning home

The first skier -ph. Dave Waag