Altai Skis Adjustable Poles


Our Altai Skis 2 piece adjustable poles have an extended grip and a cam lock length adjustment. They come with a powder basket and a regular snow flake basket and adjust out to 150cm. These are excellent when using the Hoks for general touring and as a snowshoe replacement.

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New for 2023-24 – Altai Skis Adjustable Poles 

In 2022 we started working with a Finnish partner who had developed some ski poles to    sell in Finland. We settled on a two piece adjustable and after a few modifications we now have our adjustable ski poles. Our focus (as usual) is for use in the backcountry, so we went with a longer maximum adjustment (150 cm) and 7000 series Aluminum. We also went with two basket styles, a large deep powder basket and a standard snowflake basket. The cork grip is lengthened with a dense foam handle for traversing sidehills. We use a cam lock for the adjustment lock- we feel that over time these work better then twist locks.

We definitely prefer the single pole for use with the Hoks if we are using them in hilly or mountainous terrain, especially if we are seeking out some turns. For more on the reason for this take a look at this article – Tiaks, single poles. For using the Hoks in rolling or flatter terrain or as a snowshoe substitute two poles work well, particularly if that is what you are use to. We also prefer two poles with the Kom skis as they are longer and glide more like a regular ski. The added glide makes using two poles for propulsion effective.

Here are the Specs on the poles:

  • Two piece 7000 series aluminum
  • Up to 150 cm length adjustment
  • Cam lock for length adjustment
  • Two different baskets (powder and regular snowflake)
  • Rubber booties for the carbide tips for summer use
  • Extended foam down the handle for lower grip when needed.
  • Weight(pair) – (with snowflake basket) 19 oz. (with powder basket)21 oz.
  • Finish design, manufactured in China
  • Price per pair $79.95